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We provide mobile Notary Services in the Mobile County, AL area.  We currently provide the following general notary services:

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To notarize a document is $5.00.  As a mobile notary, there is a minimum $25 charge for me to come to you.  If you are over 50 miles from my main address the charge is $50 and it goes up from there.  Contact me for a quote today.


NOTE:  As a notary, I am not an attorney and cannot provide legal or other advice regarding the document that you need signed.  


In order to have a document notarized, you need a valid, non-expired government ID, such as a Driver License, Passport or Military ID.  A Social Security Card is not an acceptable form of identification as it has no picture.


If witnesses are needed for your transaction, you provide them.  Witnesses must have a valid ID.


If I cannot notarize your document due to no failure of mine once I am on site, the full fee is still required. 

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