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Income Protection is another phrase for Life Insurance. I believe in term life insurance. It is the purest form of insurance and therefore the most cost efficient. There are two things that affect insurance, age and health. This is why I advocate for any working adult to get an insurance policy while young before life happens and your health declines. 

Many people today are under insured or have no coverage at all. I am on a crusade to fix this. 

Industry experts use a simple formula to assist you with determining your income protection needs. It is D-(Debt) I-(Income) M-(Mortgage) E-(Education) or D.I.M.E. You want to factor all of the mentioned items in DIME in your calculation to determine how much coverage you will need should something happen to one of the major income earners in your family. Hence the term, Income Protection. Your ability to earn income to support and sustain your family is the biggest asset that you have when you are starting out in life.

Click the “Get Started” button below and schedule a Zoom consultation with me to review your current income protection strategy. This is the foundation of your financial house so don’t delay. I look forward to partnering with you on your journey. 


Debt or Death

Your total monthly expenses. Funeral expenses should be added in this portion of your calculation.  

D (1).png

Income Replacement

The amount of cash your family needs to maintain their quality of life should something happen to you. 

D (2).png


The amount of your current mortgage balance should be included in your income protection estimate.  

D (3).png

Education Fund

If you have children, it is recommended that you plan for future college expenses for your children.

How much protection do you need?

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